Fast Track Customer Experience Strategy training

Customer expectations have never been higher when it comes to a frictionless experience with your brand. This Fast Track Customer Experience (CX) Strategy training course allows you to understand how you can drive a successful customer experience programme and reap the rewards. Can we help? Call +44 (0)20 7970 4167 or email

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How will I benefit?

This course will give you the tools to create a holistic customer experience strategy, from insight through to key processes.

Full course outline

Better articulate to others the importance of customer experience.

Research and gain a real understanding into your customers and what they want.

Ensure that the customer remains front and centre of decision making within your organisation.

Create a practical and achievable customer experience strategy.

Implement policies and procedures to embed customer-centric thinking into the heart of your organisation.

Who should attend?

Senior or middle managers who are seeking to gain a better understanding of how an organisation (or team) becomes more customer-centric. The workshop may also be of interest to those seeking to influence strategy at higher levels of their organisation.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have lots of ideas to implement back at work.”

Bespoke courses delivered in-company

This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best-practice standard and you’ll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.

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