Fast Track to Outstanding Online Experiences

Learn what it takes to create an outstanding customer experience. Great CX is more than a pretty interface; it impacts everything from content creation to project planning. Can we help? Call +44 (0)20 7970 4167 or email

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How will I benefit?

Focus on the online touchpoints between customer and brand and how you can optimise at every stage of the customer journey.

Full course outline

Adopt a working methodology that ensures the customer is not ignored during planning and production.

Work in a way that continues to improve the customer experience even after the launch of an online service.

Create engaging content that also addresses people’s questions and drives them towards completing calls to action.

Design user interfaces that empower the customer and help them find the content they need.

Who should attend?

Those who are either designing and creating content online or those who wish to understand how the customer experience can be shaped through digital channels.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have lots of ideas to implement back at work.”

Bespoke courses delivered in-company

This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best-practice standard and you’ll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.

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