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Customer Experience - Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Database

Join us in person or virtually at Econsultancy Live: CX 2022 – Weds 27th April

With a host of roundtable discussions on topics such as personalisation, privacy and the direct-to-consumer trend – as well as speaker sessions from brand CMOs, UX Designers and Chief Customer Officers – this event is not to be missed.

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How CX analytics platforms are improving customer journeys

Digital transformation has accelerated rapidly over the past two years. According to PwC, 53% of businesses (in a survey of 1,250 global executives) have accelerated digital transformation in this time, with 57% reporting that technology has been critical to their performance.  Companies that have invested in digital technologies, processes, and behaviours in the past two […]

Econsultancy Live: CX 2022 – Weds 27th April

Join us virtually from anywhere or in person at the QEII Centre in Westminster as we hear a variety of keynote talks from CMOs and Chief Customer Officers. We’ll also debate the latest challenges and opportunities at roundtable discussions with your peers.

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Webinar: Implementing a CX Strategy

This webinar draws on insights from Econsultancy’s new Digital Trends 2021 report research around customer experience, as well as the new Social CX and Service Best Practice Guide and other resources to explore what actions marketers can take to focus on delivering a great customer experience and tailor CX strategies to ensure success in 2021 and beyond.


25 Min
Customer experience

Customer Experience (CX)

Learn the fundamentals of customer experience, from who is responsible, to what makes great CX, to how marketing can improve CX. We also explain the concepts of UX and omnichannel in the context of CX.


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Ashley Friedlein on the new normals for 2022 in digital and marketing

Hybrid is here to stay. The war for digital talent intensifies. Connections become more direct. These are the new normals for 2022 in digital and marketing, according to founder Ashley Friedlein, speaking at Econsultancy’s first quarterly trends briefing of the year (subscribers can watch in full). He referred to 2020, 2021 and 2022 as, respectively, […]

Four ways that luxury brands are building customer loyalty through digital channels

Luxury retailers do not typically offer loyalty programs, with regular point-based price discounting schemes going against the high-end and aspirational style of branding that the luxury sector is known for. For brands striving to be competitive, however, reputation alone is simply no longer enough to inspire loyalty, and with demand for omnichannel on the rise, […]

Customer Experience - Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Database

Find the latest customer experience trends - explore the ISD

The Internet Statistics Database contains thousands of charts and statistics related to customer experience, for you to browse, save and export.

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