Welcome! My name is Destiny and I’m so grateful you’re here!

It’s exciting to meet someone who loves the home just as much as I do. My dreams as a little girl were mostly about the home. I would love to play house, make dinner, oh and the easy bake oven was a DREAM come true.

Anything I ever did or played with as a little girl always included something creative and tied to the home. I think God is his great wisdom gives us little hints of our gifts, talents and passions as we grow up. There was a reason why I loved to play house so much and I believe one of those reasons was to be here with you today!.

Just Destiny Home is not only about all the things I love, but you too! You see, we’re kinda the same. We are homeLOVERS and sisters! We love how a beautiful space can inspire the heart. We like getting up and starting out the day with some iced coffee and Jesus. We also have a family who drives us crazy but who we adore and serve with all our hearts!

We love to laugh until we pee a little but can cry with the best of them. We know we should workout but some days we rather eat a cupcake. A great idea, cool products and cute kids make us jump for joy! We make things work. Old stuff, new stuff, it doesn’t matter to us. Sure, we love a night of fine dining but Target is where our heart is. With everything we juggle we know God and our faith is in the center of it all!

So I pray that Just Destiny Home becomes a place of peace to park your heart after a long day, a place for an encouraging word, a good idea and how to love on that family of yours!